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Baby Boomers and Hearing Aids in a Bluetooth/iPod World

Today’s hearing aids are not ear horns. They are technologically-advanced digital devices, meaning they’re driven by a computer chip capable of processing millions of instructions per second. Digital technology is certainly an improvement when considering hearing aids, but the biggest advances these days may be in wireless devices you can use in conjunction with your hearing aid. Some hearing aids available today use Bluetooth wireless technology, which is what cellphone headsets typically use. Utilizing this technology essentially turns the hearing aids into Bluetooth headsets, allowing users to complete daily tasks such as talking on their cellphone, listening to music, and following driving-navigation directions. The best news is, all of these devices are extremely user friendly. Even if you’re the least bit tech-savvy, it’s easy to figure out.

The Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Want to hear your wife when she’s giving driving directions from the passenger seat? Clip a mic on her that wirelessly connects to your hearing aids. Want to cook dinner while talking on the phone hands-free? Use a streamer that provides a wireless connection to your cellphone. When the phone rings, you hear it in your hearing aids; you press a specific button on the device to answer the call, then press the button again to hang up. You don’t even have to touch your cellphone!

Researchers estimate that more than 36 million Americans have a hearing loss, but only one out of five people who could benefit from hearing aids actually wear them. Baby Boomers,are certainly no exception. The post-WWII generation long associated with youth, are notorious about avoiding hearing aids, often waiting seven to eight years after the onset of hearing loss to seek assistance. Incorporating Bluetooth and other wireless technology into hearing aids provides the hope of getting hearing aids on the people who need them sooner.