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We Are Doctors of Audiology.

We specialize in improved hearing through amplification.

Advanced Hearing Health Care provides the best hearing care services, hearing loss treatment and hearing aids to improve your overall hearing health.

We are Doctors of Audiology who specialize in Hearing Instruments, commonly called Hearing Aids. It is our intent to be your advocate to the world of improved hearing through amplification.

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How Important is Hearing?

Why do you want to hear better? We came up with three reasons.

1. Safety

Hearing is your second sense- it allows you to locate sources of sound, and potential danger. Screeching tires, sirens, fire alarms, car horns, TV weather warnings, telephones ringing or the following phrases- Look out!, Help!, Fore!, Heads up!, Hey!, etc.

2. Enjoyment

Are you really enjoying that night at the restaurant when you need the specials repeated 3 times? Lost in the plot of a movie- not because it has more turns than a Hitchcock plot- but because the dialogue seems unintelligible? Are you really that great of a fan of your team if you are only getting part of the sports cast? It kind of drains the fun out of it...

3. For Love

Often times it is the ones we love who suffer most from someone else's hearing loss. Everyone else has to tolerate high TV volume- just for you. You are missing parts of important phone conversations with those closest to you.

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